About Us

We look forward to be a spark for change towards preserving nature and a happy tomorrow.

Our Story

Goppus started as a technology company with a dream to provide better practical water bottles. Every day our team works on inspiring new styles and innovations  supported be the joy of making sustainable living a reality.


Water Bottle

Each Goppus bottle stainless steel, tritan or glass material was built with love and deep appreciation for our community who share our vision for a better future with our environment in mind.

Goppus bottles are premium and environmentally friendly at the same time. They come in a variety of sizes with different functional accessories.

Our excellent accessories, such as our BPA-free lids, fit perfectly with our double wall vacuum technology maintaining hot and cold temperatures for long hours.

Our Future

Doing better

We are making a difference with our modern, durable, and practical bottles as we look forward to continuing our mission for a better tomorrow.


Easy to clean, stands the test of time, and dishwasher-safe.


Durable and reusable. Say good-bye to single use plastics.


Hot stays hot. Cold stays cold. You can stay focused on everything else.


Kids can open and close their bottles by themselves.