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On walks, you can’t miss the time to hydrate. 🤗

I loved my new water bottle from @goppusdirect, with 1000ml capacity, enough to take on a walk, gym, park! An amazing design, great material, comes with two tops and even comes with a cleaning brush.


Our tumblers feature a splash-proof straw lid.


It allows for easy sipping and the wide mouth makes it easy to clean.

GOPPUS glass water bottle with time marker can put fruit for very easily drinking.



Being on-the-go is no excuse for for being dehydrated. Don’t forget to carry a bottle (or two) with you for all your errands.


Easy to clean, stands the test of time, and dishwasher-safe.


Durable and reusable. Say good-bye to single use plastics.


Hot stays hot. Cold stays cold. You can stay focused on everything else.


Kids can open and close their bottles by themselves.