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Yayyy for sunny days ☀️

GOPPUS 17oz tritan water bottles in a pretty powder blue gradient, drink water all summer long with @goppusdirect and share them with your pals.

☀️💧Sunny Days Stay hydrate☀️💧

Drink water all summer long with @goppusdirect

💧This bottle is great and size enough to carry on short walks or fit in bag. Also would be suitable size for a child to take to school.

☀️💧Sunny Days Stay hydrate☀️💧

Drink water all summer long with @goppusdirect

💧The two different top options also give a choice, depending on your drinking preference.

💧Comes with straw lid and chug lid. Two different drinking ways.

This is a great gallon sized water bottle. I liked that it comes with 2 tops so you can pick your favorite. I personally like the straw, and the fact that it comes with pretty good brushes to clean it.

Besides all that, it has a great color combination. The quality of both bottles is great, and I definitely recommend! @goppusdirect

Are you drinking enough water? Now there are no more excuses for not drinking the amount of water my body needs! I’m loving my 3500ml gallon that shows me even the right times for me to drink water, it’s always close to me, so I can reach my goal.


Easy to clean, stands the test of time, and dishwasher-safe.


Durable and reusable. Say good-bye to single use plastics.


Hot stays hot. Cold stays cold. You can stay focused on everything else.


Kids can open and close their bottles by themselves.