Motivational Glass Water Bottle

Motivational glass water bottles are the best choice for you and the environment! When you’re looking for a new water bottle to bring along to workouts, school, work, vacation, or just around the house, the GOPPUS water bottle is the best choice. The healthy water bottle has everything to help you stay hydrated throughout the day with consistent water within your arm’s reach.

We believe you should feel empowered to make the best decisions for your health and the environment, so we’ve covered all the details of the GOPPUS motivational glass water bottle.

GOPPUS Glass Water Bottle Features

The GOPPUS glass water bottles are customizable to fit your lifestyle and personal preferences. Additionally, they have innovative features that make them environmentally friendly.

Time Stamps

Regular water bottles make it difficult to figure out exactly how much water you’re drinking throughout the day. On one side of the GOPPUS glass water bottle, there are marks that show how much liquid is left in the bottle. On the other side, there are motivational messages and time stamps that help you stay on track with your hydration goals.

Sustainable Material

The GOPPUS glass water bottle is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which is BPA free and reusable. The glass is microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and can withstand temperatures from -20℃(-4℉) to 150℃(302℉).

Two Lids

There are two lid options: a straw lid and a sip-top lid. Each lid is designed with a secure lock that ensures the lid will stay closed in your bag or car. When you’re ready to take a sip, simply flip the lock down and press the button on the lid. This will pop the lid open, so you can easily hydrate.

Protective Silicone Sleeve

The borosilicate glass comes encased in a silicone sleeve, which protects the glass from cracking, chipping, or breaking. It also helps keep your drink insulated and condensation-free. The silicone sleeve is not microwave or dishwasher safe, and can easily be removed when needed.

Environmentally Friendly

This reusable glass water bottle eliminates any need for single-use plastic water bottles. You can bring this water bottle with you everywhere you go and easily fill it up at restaurants, water fountains, or your place of work. The durable glass is guaranteed to last for years, so you can avoid contributing to the plastic waste crisis. If your glass water bottle ever breaks within the first year of purchase, GOPPUS will ship you a replacement for free and cover the shipping cost.

Aesthetic Water Bottle

The silicone sleeve comes in many different colors, so you can choose one that fits your personal style. This great water bottle is the perfect addition to your current water bottles. It also makes for a great gift!

Final Thoughts

The GOPPUS water bottle is a must-have. You will feel great about saving plastic water bottles from the environment and know that you’re keeping your body hydrated! Shop today to pick out your new reusable glass water bottle.